Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 1.5 -- Why in the heck would anyone willingly oust the Super Sticky Sweet Stuff??

Since my declaration of being a sugar addict (noon today) and going into rehab, I have heard: “Are you flippin’ nuts?” “You don’t drink caffeine and now sugar!? I’d kill someone if I got rid of those two from my diet!” and “I couldn’t do that. Good luck.”

To answer those questions: Yes, I’m a bit off my rocker, always have been. I sure hope I don’t kill someone during the withdrawals but you never know. I know when I have contemplated doing this awhile ago, I, too, didn’t think I could pull it off. I still don’t know if I can. However, it is time for me to try.

I think that is one of the foundations to successfully kicking a habit when you know deep down that “it is time.” Those other times when I had contemplated kicking the addiction to sugar, I knew that it was bad for me, but I wasn’t ready to give 100%. So far today I am. Tomorrow may be a different story! (queue the chorus “One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus”)

Many of my close friends and family know that I have had to recently eliminate caffeine and chocolate from my diet (among other things). I am happy, well sort of happy, to say that I am caffeine and chocolate free since the beginning of February. I can honestly say that I don’t miss my tea and coffee anymore. I was able to find an alternative. I do, however, miss the chocolate!

Just so you know, it wasn’t my choice to take those two items out of my diet. I have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis (IC) in which chocolate, caffeine, acids, and citrus products can make me double over in extreme pain (think knives being shoved in your bladder repeatedly). [Links are posted at the end of this if anyone is interested.] I am lucky as I have a milder form of this condition. I was actually in remission for five years and only recently started to have flares. I have been working hard to get things back under control, hence the no-caffeine, no-chocolate diet, hoping that eventually I will be able to add back in some of my favorite foods like strawberries, blackberries, tomato-based sauces and yes, chocolate (I’m a dark chocolate fan which has less SUGAR, thank you Creator!).

Because of the chocolate/caffeine elimination, I have given myself permission to eat and enjoy other things. I mean, heck, I can’t have chocolate, tea, or coffee so I’m going to have that donut! Or that ice cream! Or that white cake! Or that box of Good n Plenty. (You get the picture.) Not only have I gained weight, but lately I have felt lousy—tired, sluggish, etc. It really was noticeable when I forgot to bring my sweet treats to work, and I darn near started to panic!!! OMG, what am I going to eat?? How am I going to make it through the day?? This actually put me in a down mood. (Really, Lisa, you need to get a grip.)

I follow Melody Zindell’s blog and facebook page “Astrology with Melody” at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Astrology-with-Melody/145475602303
On Monday, April 4, she posted that the New Moon on Monday is a great time to set intentions because it held some major energy according to planetary alignment and all things astrological (my words, not hers but you can look hers up). I wasn’t even thinking about kicking sugar at that time, but I did make an intention that I wanted to be healthy, eat healthy, exercise regularly, etc. (BTW, if you want an amazing astrologer, Melody is your person!!)

When you send an intention out to God, the Universe, etc., don’t be surprised when you are broadsided with answers. (I’ve learned this so many times but it still amazes me how powerful intentions, prayers are!) The very next day as I was eating my granola bar, licorice, and white chocolate bar, I felt "off." I really didn’t want to eat that stuff. I wanted “real” food, natural food, so I grabbed my apple and lo and behold it tasted good! That evening Korey brought up my addiction in a teasing but truthful way...ummm he found my stash of white chocolate..... (another pointed sign from Above) and that is when “it” hit me…right square in the face…that my sugar cravings were indeed very unhealthy and were ruling my life and IT WAS TIME to get control.

So this morning, without having time to go to the grocery store to stock up on the good-for-you foods, I went to work with blueberries, a pear, and almonds packed for snacks. Goodbye donuts, granola bars, and other sugary snacks. Tonight I will stock up on the good-for-you stuff!

Welcome to my blog, Sugar Addict Comes Clean!

Stay tuned! The journey to rehabilitation has begun…

If you want more information about IC, you can go to these two websites: http://www.ic-network.com/  and http://www.ichelp.org/ 

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