Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 5 - It's the Weekend! Give me willpower!

Dear Sugar,

I kept busy this morning so was not thinking of you. Yay for me!!! When I got home from working out, however, I sooooo sooo wanted to snack on something with you in it!!! Ugh. This is hard.

I went to the health food store down the road and purchased good-for-you ingredients like agave nectar, rolled oats, oat bran, whole wheat pastry flower, chia seeds, Ezekiel bread, my fake coffee Pero, and a few other things to make some recipes to keep my sweet tooth under wraps.

So today's sweet treat: no bake cookies from the Gracious Pantry website! They are amazing! Check it out at:

I made the peanut butter and chocolate ones (go figure) using carob instead of chocolate because of my dietary restrictions. The main ingredients are quick oats, oat bran, agave, vanilla, peanut butter, chia seeds*, and carob (or unsweetened cocoa for those of you that can eat chocolate). You mix all the ingredients together, roll into balls, and freeze. No cooking whatsoever. I whipped them up in less than 10 minutes! Talking about a good-for-you, easy-to-make, sweet treat!

*Chia Seeds: I have never heard of Chia seeds before (well except for the Chia pets--ha ha ha), but they are an uber antioxidant. Actually, they have higher disease-fighting properties than blueberries! You can get these at HyVee in their health market section. Knowing this, I'm going to try to incorporate them in whatever I can!

I've got a good-for-you supper recipe to make this evening and am going to try my hand at adapting my favorite pancake recipe to a clean-eating recipe for tomorrow's breakfast! I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes!

Stay tuned......


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