Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 3: Tough Stuff

Dear Sugar,

Today was a tough one as I was on edge, thinking of you, wanting to taste you in any form (cookies, cakes, granola bars, doughnuts). We even had doughnuts in our break room, but I stayed away.... actually, I stayed in my office all day so I would not be tempted to sneak a bite. Nothing like forced seclusion to stay away for your SSSS (super stick sweet stuff)! Bentley had to be secluded, too, because it was kindergarten roundup today and lots of "littles" were moseying around the building and many of them are afraid of his big nose coming at them at eye level. Oh well. We have been commiserating together!

I actually finished all of my snacks by 3 p.m. and was starting to panic because I had nothing left to snack on but my stash of granola bars. My willpower hung on, however, and they are all still accounted for. Today, by far, was the toughest. I wish I could somehow indulge just a little, but like any addict, a little can turn into an all-out binge. Seriously...there has to be a 12 step program out there somewhere for sugar addicts in rehab! Hmmmm.... if not, maybe this is my million $ baby?!! America IS fat and all because of our processed foods containing your glorious white stuff! The students in K-12 education now have a shorter life span than my generation and all because of weight-related diseases. Why not set up a 12-step program for sugar addicts?? It would be cheaper than insurance covering diabetes or heart attacks! Cha-ching!

I do know that I need to research recipes that will satisfy my sweet tooth but yet stay sugar-free (no artificial sweeteners either...ewwwww). I've been researching a bit on using the glycemic index and glycemic load as guidelines. For instance, foods that have a glycemic index under 55 are considered low and good to eat. Those with a glycemic index of 70 or higher are high and should be avoided or eaten sparingly. Like french fries. Crap... I had some last night, too. Baked potatoes with the skin on are surprisingly in the low glycemic index category. (I like baked potatoes!) If you go by glycemic load, you are suppose to stay under 10. I haven't had much time to actually determine the difference between the two. I just know that the three fruits that I can eat (pears, blueberries and pink lady apples) all fall in the low glycemic category as well carry a low glycemic load. Whew!

So if anyone has any snack ideas.... like cakes and cookies (ha ha ha), please share and the sooner the better!

Sans sugar Day 3,

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