Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 4 - Knowledge is Power

Dear Sugar,

This "kick the sugar thing" is really called eating clean (or Clean Eating). I should have realized this because I started to eat clean back in January until my IC flared. Feeling sorry for myself, I indulged in everything I could tolerate which meant your sweet sugary self! Shame on me! no wait... Shame on you! You lured me with your sweetness and stuck to my hips and waist via 5.5 pounds! (On a 5'4" frame, that's A LOT!). Okay, okay, I can't blame you totally.... shame on both of us!

Basically, Clean Eating means that you do not consume foods that have refined sugar in them. Look at the food labels. Sugar is in pretty much everything that is pre-packaged! As I stated, I started to do this back in January when I signed up for Live Healthy Iowa and became a member of Sole Satisfaction (a group of women who I work with trying to make healthy lifestyle changes). One of our school district's physical education teachers spoke to us about eating clean and pointed us to several websites. They are:

and recommended cookbooks by Tosca Reno 

I've also done a little research and came across Gale Compton's Fit Fabulous Forever website:

All have recipes that look yummy and are healthy, good-for-you foods without the ill effects of sugar and how it messes with our human cellular structure.

You really need to check out Gale. She's 54 and started clean eating, exercising, etc.  Look at her before and after photos. Read about the added benefits of kicking the SSSS...more energy, less fatigue, better sleep, nicer skin, and slowing the aging process! I think I should post her before and after pics at work and at home for motivation! (Hmmmm... maybe I should take my own pics for added motivation? Don't worry I will NOT share them!)

I'm looking forward to kicking this habit once and for all. For one thing, I want to get over this craving business and wanting that sweet treat with my morning fake coffee!!

Miss you SSSS and yet, looking forward to not wanting you,


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