Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 2 -- It is also about the routine.

Dear Sugar,

I made it through yesterday without you!! I will admit that it was tough at times. It seems when I get home from work I want you, so I need to get a new routine instead of heading to the kitchen for some sort of super sticky sweet stuff to snack on.

Speaking of routine.... I find it interesting how my daily routine revolved around you. For instance, this morning when I got to work I wanted to have that granola bar with my fake coffee first thing. Not because I was hungry, but because that is just what I have been doing over the last several weeks. My body and tastebuds expect it!

For breakfast this morning, I dined on some sort of English muffin that is made with 7 Live grains and zero flour. I bought them last night in the frozen section at HyVee. I was expecting it to taste like tree bark and was pleasantly surprised that it was quite good! I slapped some real peanut butter on them and simply fruit jelly. Totally satisfying!

Not having my morning ritual of granola bar and fake coffee has made me take notice that I'm not really hungry this morning. I don't know if I wasn't hungry any of the other previous mornings or if the 7 Live Grain English muffin filled me up with its amazing fiber. Or could my lack of morning hungry pangs be from the lack of  sugar crash that I usually get from my white bread toasted breakfast that had been previously digested? I'm certain there is a scientific explanation but for right now, I'm going to go with it!

Mid Morning

All I can say is.... thank goodness there isn't doughnuts available in the lounge!!! The apple wasn't near as satisfying as the day before.

Before Supper

Okay this sucks. I want to snack on something sweet!!!!!! I want no bake cookies!!!!  What was I thinking???? sniff, sniff, snifffff

Withdrawals have begun....


  1. Girl, you are either brave or nuts!!!!

  2. I'm leaning towards NUTS. :-D