Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week One OVER - now on to Week Two!

Dear Sugar,

It is hard to believe that it has already been one week of purging you from my life and I'm beginning Week 2! I know, I know...I've missed you, too, but I must say, eating clean has tasted good, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER and .... DrUmRoLL ..... I have lost EIGHT pounds in ONE WEEK! I must remind you that 5 of those 8 were the most recent act of gluttony hence the reason for the fast weight loss this week. I'm sure next week there won't be such a number. I have also been faithful working out and after Thursday, I will be losing my biggest loser trainer, Bentley, who makes me jog faster than I feel like jogging and pulls my arse up hills as my lungs and legs protest. :-(

After one week...

I feel better.

I have more energy. Heck just the night before I was doing dishes at 8 p.m., packing my lunch, and laying out my clothes for the next day! Usually I'm a sloth on the couch!

I also didn't feel like I needed a nap this weekend. This hasn't been the case for the last several years. I would actually use YOU (sugar) to try to have energy but then take a nap. It was this roller coaster love affair. Eat sugar, Dive, Eat sugar, Dive... take a nap... feel like $hit ..... eat more sugar ..... You get the picture.

I don't feel guilty when I eat anymore because I know I am putting good stuff in my body. How many times did I feel like a piglet after eating McDonald's, downing a vanilla shake, eating the whole batch of regular no-bake cookies? A LOT.

Sugar, I love you the natural way!


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