Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is Sugar Toxic? an article in the New York Times Magazine

This article was tweeted by Gale Compton, so I guess you could say that I am re-tweeting it via my blog! It's rather lengthy but does make you contemplate if the SSSS is more than just a weight gainer....researchers are looking for its link to cancers and heart disease via metabolic syndrome. I think the evidence presented is rather compelling. The two researchers who are doing the study about sugar and how it relates to cancers avoid eating the SSSS as much as possible because, well, they don't want to get cancer! Here is the article and it is from April 13th's NYT's magazine....

New York Times' Article

So... how's Week #2 gone so far? It has had its ups and downs. I am and always have been one who eats several meals a day via snacks. In the past, however, my snacks were less than nutritious. It's still hard not to think of those SSSS snacks when I feel the urge. It is like a whole new thought process to think of fruit and vegeys and whole grains to snack on! Not only that, but I'm trying to be conscious about whether or not I am truly hungry or is the snacking just pure habit? The good thing is, though, that if you eat clean snacks you will not be putting junk in your body! Win-Win if you ask me!

Some good and interesting news... Friday night no one wanted to cook so Korey and Griffin headed off to HyVee to get something from the deli. They picked up for me my usual cashew chicken from the Chinese counter. I took a couple of bites and thought it tasted ummm... not so good. I don't know if it was the fat, the MSG, or what but in the less-than-two weeks of eating clean, my taste buds definitely didn't like the taste or the "feel" of whatever it was that the Chinese stuff was cooked in! I'd say this is amazing progress!!

Here's to nearing the end of week 2 and moving on to week 3!

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